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Todo in Tuscany


Todo in Tuscany

The Dog at the Villa

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A heart-warming story of a London couple making a new life in Italy, a lonely dog and a house that’s brought back to life. 

A dream house in Tuscany and a dog named Todo.

Todo had been waiting at Poggiolino since his mistress died over two years before. The house lay empty and neglected and yet he wouldn’t leave. He seemed to know that someday the right people would come along and make it a home again. Louise and Lawrence weren’t thinking of buying the very first house they looked at in Tuscany but there was something enchanting about the dog waiting at the gates. If they were honest, they wanted Todo – the scruffy dog with the huge grin – as much as they wanted the house. With Todo as their faithful companion they began to restore Poggiolino to life, unlocking her secrets and giving Todo, their beloved dog, a second chance. A heart-warming memoir of moving country and making a new start.

About the Author

Louise Badger and Lawrence Kershaw first met in 1986 when working on opposite sides of the music business. A whirlwind romance ensued and they were married in 1987. They have run their own artists’ management company since 1998 when they also first fell in love with Italy. After years of promising themselves to do it, they made the move there in 2007. This is their first book written together and is further proof that tolerance is the most important requirement of a successful marriage. They divide their time between London and Lucca.