People and Pets On The Move Together

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People and Pets On The Move Together

People and Pets On The Move Together 

Our four-legged pets are a big part of the family and often become one of our best friends. Don’t leave your dog at home when you go out on the weekend, or even just on daily chores. Dogs love company. New surrounds are a joy to their senses. We guarantee your dog is dreaming of chasing waterfalls, splashing in the sea and visiting your friends, as we speak. Here are some great ideas on how to include your pooch on all the adventures you take.


Soggy Dog


Wagging tails and muddy paws! This is a dog’s dream. You may roll your eyes when you get your soggy dog home. But you can bet your life, a day at the beach is going to make your dog squeal with joy. Before you travel to your chosen beach, check about lead restrictions and make sure dogs are allowed on each particular beach. There are plenty of great beaches that allow pets, so be sure to check out our guide to pet-friendly beaches. Some dogs love to swim. Others prefer a dignified stroll along the shoreline. No matter which way inclined, your dog will love the sand, fresh breeze and salty air. Dog’s can easily overheat in the hot sun, so don’t forget to take an umbrella to provide some shade. Also bring bottled water and a travel bowl. And don’t forget the Frisbee!


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Dog on Vacation


As a cherished member of the family, try and include your dog on at least one holiday a year. He’ll love the excitement of new places and faces. And dogs need a break from everyday life too! Research dog-friendly hotels and choose somewhere with great beaches or awesome hiking trails. Before heading off on vacation, take your dog to the vet to ensure all his treatments are up to date. Also, make sure his microchip information is correct too. A Microchip Scanner is your lifeline if the worst happens and your dog loses his way. Plan for emergencies by making sure you know where the nearest vet is to you while you are on vacation. And make sure you pack enough dog food for the trip. Then sit back and relax and let your dog enjoy his holiday!  


Dog Going Shopping


If the shop allows, why not take your dog with you on some of your daily chores? It’s nice to have a canine companion to get through the boring stuff too. Your dog will love a visit to the pet store or the hardware store. He may even choose a favourite new toy. Pet bakeries are also cropping up everywhere these days. Try and find a Pet Bakery near you, and give your dog a special day out. Pet Bakeries offer fresh, healthy treats for your dog in a pet-friendly environment. From Muttshakes to Puppuchinos, your dog will be amazed at the possibilities outside of his usual four walls!

Travelling with pets



Dog On A Mission


Don’t forget to take your dog with you when you visit friends, go hiking or even when you are using an outdoor gym. Dogs are social creatures and love company. He may not be able to lift your dumbbells, but he can certainly carry his own squeaky one. Often local neighbourhoods arrange group dog walks too, and this is a fun way to interact with others and make new friends along the way.

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Best Travelling Dogs


Last but not least, check out amazing travelling dogs on Instagram. Some of these dogs are travelling in better style than we are! Take photos of your dog on all his adventures and add them to a memory journal. You’ll treasure these special memories in years to come.

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