Dog Awareness Collars

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Dog Awareness Collars

At Dog Awareness Collars the focus is on providing people with the awareness of different types of dogs.  Each dog has their own unique personality that is known only to the owner.  By using the Traffic Light Coding System of collars people are fully informed as to whether to approach your dog or give it the space that it needs. Thus creating a safer environment for both people and pets!


With a variety of items to choose from take a look around the Dog Awareness website and if you mention Pet-Friendly Accommodation on Australia’s Coast by quoting Pets Accom you will receive a 10% discount! Dog Awareness products have been featured on The Project, newspapers (such as Courier Mail) and on Radio (most recently with Dr Cam Day- Animal Behaviourist).


Pricing on each item is as follows:




Collars – $20

Leads – $25

Harness – $35

Collar / Lead Combo -$40

Harness / Lead combo $50

caution harness


Collar – $15

Lead – $20

Harness – $30

adopt me collar and lead

To see the full range of products please visit the website:

Remember to quote Pets Accom to receive a 10% discount!



The collars range from 35cm to 60cm

The harness sizing is 61cm / 91cm

harness sizing

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Dog Awareness directly for further information.

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